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December 27, 2007

Water Dialogue in Pakistan 

Water is a matter of life and death. During British Raj some accords were made among stakeholders but Seraikis as a community were never signatories and therefore feel no desire to fall victim of gridlock Pakistan has been facing since announcement of Kalabagh Dam. They want a new dialogue on water distribution system on local and national level. Seraikistan consists of eighty million Seraiki speaking people. Physical overpowering by Sikhs, British, Baluchis or Pathans never led to peaceful state of affairs in the region around River Indus. This mighty civilization survives till today as vibrant and youthful. Eighty million Seraiki speaking majority with a vast cultivate lands in the heart of Pakistan want statehood and demands such status for Pashtuns, Punjabis, Baluchis and Kasmeries as United States of Pakistan. Currency and Defense with Federation while in all other affairs these states would be free. A referendum on this issue can steer us to elections for a Constitutional Assembly on the basis of Adult Franchise. 


Hello world!
December 20, 2007

We seek your attention. We recognize you so that you recognize us. We make a homogeneous culture along River Indus. We love rule of law, but aliens invade us with brutal force to enslave us. We have only the international humanitarians who help us alive with a dream for freedom. Our vast stretches of plain lands produce cotton, rice, sugarcane and we are known as grain basket of the subcontinent.